Carol Burke
Carol with Rita in her Annapolis dog acupuncture treatment room
Originally trained in allopathic medicine, Carol worked many years in adult clinical care as a nurse practitioner.

She sought a deeper understanding of health and illness by studying mind-body touch therapies with internationally known teachers. She is certified in Process Acupressure, Zero Balancing, Acupuncture Detoxification, and has completed the Advanced Training in CranioSacral Therapy with Dr. John Upledger.

In January 2006, Carol opened her own practice as a licensed acupuncturist in West Annapolis. A year or two later she received her certification as an animal acupuncturist. Her animal practice focuses on dog and horse acupuncture.

My Dog As Teacher

When I was an acupuncture student I had no intentions of treating animals. I adore dogs but never imagined having them as patients. I took an acupuncture theory class taught by NoreenJavornick, an acupuncturist who treated humans and animals. I have benefited greatly from receiving acupuncture so I wanted to give the same health benefits to my beloved McKenna. At that time, he was a healthy ten year old golden retriever/lab mix and I wanted him to stay that way. Acupuncture has helped him tremendously as he has aged and developed some hind-end weakness. At nearly 15, he was doing quite well for an “old guy”.

McKenna’s first acupuncture treatment was a moving experience for me to witness. He got very relaxed, his breathing changed, his eyes brightened, his coat seemed more lustrous. At the end of the treatment, he got up, shook off and was ready for some special treats that Noreen offers her furry patients. At his second visit, he jumped out of the car and went right over to Noreen’s office door!

Carol with McKenna on her wedding day
McKenna continued to receive acupuncture regularly. At 14 he had a stroke and was treated immediately with acupuncture and homeopathy. Within less than 12 hours he was nearly back to 100%. I am immensely grateful to McKenna for expanding my world in so many ways. He is my teacher and role model for how to be happy every day. It is because of him that I have the honor of working with animals. I thank McKenna for showing me this path. In August 2009 my furry soul mate crossed The Rainbow Bridge; he was almost 16 years young.

A year later we adopted a dog of unknown age and mix from Baltimore City’s rescue (BARC). We named him Skipper Malone, and we guess he may be a golden / border collie mix. UPDATE: Each day he becomes sweeter and sweeter and our family bond grows stronger.

Skipper Malone loving being outside

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